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Veria Aquamat

Veria Aquamat

Product features

  • 8 mm installation height
  • 10-year warranty (for pipes)
  • CE-marked in accordance with DIN 4721 and 16833
Pipe material
Sealed for oxygen diffusion in accordance with
Warranty (for pipes)
Veria Aquamat Veria Aquamat
8 mm
6 m
PE-RT (5-layer pipe)
DIN 4726
10 years
0.5 m
Product number Description Length
189B9250 Veria AquaMat floor heating mats 6 m
Product number Description
189B9252 Return flow valve (thermostat sensor head included)
189B9254 Return flow valve in installation box (thermostat sensor head included)
189B9256 Return flow valve and room thermostat in installation box (thermostat sensor head included)
189B9258 Distributor fitting for 1 mat
189B9260 Distributor fitting for 2 mats
189B9262 Distributor fitting for 3 mats
189B9264 Repair kit

Easy installation

Veria AquaMat consists of an 8 mm floor heating pipe affixed to a self-adhesive mesh net. This means you don't have to calculate the heating pipe's correct distance or worry about fastening it to the floor. Once you have rolled out the mat and embedded it in a flexible casting compound, connect it to the existing central heating system via a return flow valve.

Perfect for renovations

With an installation height of just 8 mm, AquaMat is perfect for renovation projects and for rooms with limited installation heights, though it is also ideal for areas in which floor heating is the only source of heat.

AquaMat is available in a size of 3 m2, but both the mat and heating pipe can be shortened as needed.

If a larger area is to be covered, up to three mats (for a total of up to 9 m²) can be connected to the same thermostat with the corresponding distributor fittings.

Hydronic floor heating

With Veria AquaMat, it has never been easier to install hydronic floor heating, and you can now transform your old radiator into an efficient and comfortable floor heating system in a snap.