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Veria Clickmat

Veria Clickmat

Product features

  • 8 mm installation height
  • Available in 55 W/m² and 100 W/m² outputs
  • 5-year warranty
  • CE-marked in accordance with EN 60335-1, 60335-2-96 and 62233
Bottom layer
Heat distribution foil
Insulation value (μ)
IP class
Noise damping value
Output per m2
Plastic mat
Pressure load density
Top layer
Veria Clickmat Veria Clickmat
5 mm polypropylene foam (PP)
1 conductor with double insulation
20μm aluminium
8 mm
8 W/m2K
1-5 m
17 dB
55 W/m2 and 100 W/m2 at 230 V
50μm thermoplastic polyester (PET)
<3 mm at a pressure of 2 kN (area = 100 x 100 mm)
Rubber mixture
5 years
1 m
Product number Description Length Cover area Heated area Total output Total amps
189B9112 Veria Clickmat 55 1 m 1 m2 0.4 m2 22W 0.1 A
189B9114 Veria Clickmat 55 2 m 2 m2 1.4 m2 77W 0.33 A
189B9116 Veria Clickmat 55 3 m 3 m2 2.4 m2 132W 0.57 A
189B9118 Veria Clickmat 55 4 m 4 m2 3.4 m2 187W 0.81 A
189B9120 Veria Clickmat 55 5 m 5 m2 4.4 m2 242W 1.05 A
189B9122 Veria Clickmat 100 1 m 1 m2 0.4 m2 40W 0.17 A
189B9124 Veria Clickmat 100 2 m 2 m2 1.4 m2 140W 0.61 A
189B9126 Veria Clickmat 100 3 m 3 m2 2.4 m2 240W 1.04 A
189B9128 Veria Clickmat 100 4 m 4 m2 3.4 m2 340W 1.48 A
189B9130 Veria Clickmat 100 5 m 5 m2 4.4 m2 440W 1.91 A
189B9132 Veria Fillermat 1 m 1 m2 - - -
189B9134 Veria Fillermat 2 m 2 m2 - - -
189B9136 Veria Fillermat 4 m 4 m2 - - -
Product number Description
189B9104 Veria Wireless Clickkit 55
189B9105 Veria Wireless Clickkit 100
189B9106 Veria Clickmat extension cord, 0.25 m
189B9108 Veria Clickmat extension cord, 1 m
189B9110 Veria Clickmat extension cord, 2 m
Title Download File type
Veria Clickmat Installation guide 6.8MB .pdf
Fact sheet - Veria Clickmat 778.0KB .pdf
Fact sheet - Veria Wireless Clickkit 286.2KB .pdf
EU Declaration of Conformity 453.9KB .pdf
Veria Clickmat 6.8MB .pdf


The application guides you through a few selections and provides a product list and design and layout plan for achieving maximum heated floor area based on your input.


Open Easyplan

Simple solution with built-in benefits

With the Veria Clickmat, you get every function in a single solution, and its built-in insulation means you won't have to install additional insulation beneath your floor heating system. The mats also dampen noise and the sounds of footsteps, even though they're just 8 mm thick. Also, because the mats are so thin, the vast majority of doors and doorsteps will not need to be raised.

Wireless control

For the floor heating system Veria Clickmat, a time control thermostat for wireless control of the underfloor heating system is available as an accessory.

For example, you can set the heat to be turned on only during the hours when you are normally at home, and you can adjust the temperature so that your home is always comfortable for you and your family.

Low price, maximum comfort

With Veria Clickmat, you have an energy-efficient floor heating system whose quick response time means it only needs to be turned on immediately before you come home.