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Veria Pipeheat 10

Veria Pipeheat 10

Product features

  • Self limiting cable
  • 10 W/m at 10 ˚C
  • EU plug with 2-pins
  • 2-year warranty
  • CE-marked in accordance with EN 60335-1:2012
Insulation of outer cover/conductor
Max. ambient temperature
Min. bend radius
Min. installation temperature
Minimum Screen Coverage
Operation voltage
Supply line
Veria Pipeheat 10 Veria Pipeheat 10
Fluoropolymer/Blue TPO
65° C in operation / 65° C not in operation
25 mm (inside of the cable)
-5° C
100% aluminium foil
230 V
10 W/m at 10 ˚C
2 m
2 years
Product number Description Length Output (at 10°C)
189B9210 Veria Pipeheat 10 2 m 20 W
189B9212 Veria Pipeheat 10 4 m 40 W
189B9214 Veria Pipeheat 10 6 m 60 W
189B9216 Veria Pipeheat 10 8 m 80 W
189B9218 Veria Pipeheat 10 10 m 100 W
189B9224 Veria Pipeheat 10 16 m 160 W
189B9230 Veria Pipeheat 10 25 m 250 W
Title Download File type
Installation guide - Veria Pipeheat 10 1.4MB .pdf
Data sheet - Veria Pipeheat 10 204.0KB .pdf

Protect your pipes from frost damage

When pipes are exposed to below-freezing temperatures, ice accumulation can cause them to crack, thus resulting in significant damage and service interruption. With Veria Pipeheat 10, you can protect yourself against frozen water pipes and prevent frost damage and burst pipes.

An economic solution

Veria Pipeheat 10 is a unique self-regulating heating cable that generates the correct output (heat) depending on the ambient temperature, and thus offers a better solution and lower energy bills, as it only uses the minimum amount of energy required.