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Veria Control B35/45

Product features

  • IP31
  • Veria Logic Sensor (sensor check)
  • Floor Sensor
  • 2-year warranty
  • CE-marked in accordance with EN/IEC 60730-1 and 60730-2-9
Max. load
Operation voltage
Sealant rating
Sensor type
Standby consumption
Temperature range
Veria Controls Veria Control B35/45
15 A - 3,450 W at 230 V
180-250 V, 50 Hz
IP 31
85 mm x 85 mm
<0.25 W
15-35°C (B35) / 5-45°C (B45)
2 years
Product number Description
189B4040 Veria Control B35
189B4050 Veria Control B45
Frame programme Veria thermostat Adaptor Product number
Berker B1 / B3 / B7 / S1 Veria Control B35/45 189B4040/189B4050
Gira E2 / Standard 55 / Esprit / Event Veria Control B35/45 189B4040/189B4050
Hager Kallysto Veria Control B35/45 189B4040/189B4050
Merten M-Plan / M-Arc / M-Smart Veria Control B35/45 189B4040/189B4050
PEHA Standard / Standard Line Veria Control B35/45 Adaptor frame 80.670/55.xx 189B4040/189B4050
PEHA Aurora Glass / Aurora Spiegel Veria Control B35/45 189B4040/189B4050
Title Download File type
Installation guide - Veria Control B35 239.4KB .pdf
Installation guide - Veria Control B45 429.7KB .pdf
Fact sheet - Veria Control B35 152.1KB .pdf
Fact sheet - Veria Control B45 150.5KB .pdf
Veria Control B45 boxbuild guide 1.2MB .pdf

Precise and easy operation

Veria Controlling B35/45 is a precise and easy-to-operate thermostat that controls your floor heating system via its floor sensor.

Protection from condensation

The thermostat has an IP31 sealant rating, which means that it can protect against condensation and is thus suitable for bathrooms and wet rooms, in accordance with local building regulations.

Select the right thermostat

Moulded and wooden floors have special maximum temperature limits, which is why the Veria Control B series is available in two different versions.

Veria Control B35:

Thermostat with a 35-degree temperature limit used for floor constructions consisting of wood, laminate, or similar materials (either as subfloor or top surface).

Veria Control B45:

Thermostat with a 45-degree temperature limit used for moulded floors with a surface of quarry tile, tile or a similar material.