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Veria Control T45

Product features

  • IP30
  • LCD display
  • Veria Logic Sensor (sensor check)
  • Floor and room sensor
  • 2-year warranty
Max. load
Operation voltage
Sealant rating
Sensor type
Standby consumption
Temperature range
Veria Controls Veria Control B35/45
15 A - 3,450 W at 230 V
180-250 V, 50 Hz
IP 31
85 mm x 85 mm
<0.25 W
15-35°C (B35) / 5-45°C (B45)
2 years
Veria Controls Veria Control T45
13 A - 2,990 W at 230 V
180-240 V, 50 Hz
IP 30
86 mm x 86 mm
<2 W
2 years
Veria Controls Veria Control ET45
16 A - 3,680 W at 230 V
220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
IP 21
85 mm x 85 mm X 20-24 mm
<0.4 W
2 years
Product number Description
189B4060 Veria Control T45
Product number Description
189B9139 Veria Control T45 box for wall mounting
Title Download File type
Installation guide - Veria Control T45 313.6KB .pdf
Fact sheet - Veria Control T45 190.7KB .pdf

Top-notch user-friendliness

The Veria Control T45 is an advanced, but easy to use, digital timer-controlled thermostat with a large LCD digital that can be used to control your floor heating via a floor sensor, room sensor, or a combination of the two.

Save energy

The Veria Control T45 is equipped with a weekday and weekend programme, both of which can be used to divide a given day into four time zones. This means you can opt to only heat your floor/room during the necessary periods in order to save both energy and money.

Modern design

With its elegant and discreet design, and with a thickness of only 14 mm on the wall, the Veria Control T45 fits nicely in any room and in any home.